September 29, 2023

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FreePBX vs. FusionFBX

FreePBX vs. FusionPBX

FreePBX vs. FusionFBX

FreePBX vs FusionFBX has been being a topic for many years.

Both FreePBX and FusionPBX are great projects, but two systems have different sources and architectures.

Actually both are the Web-Gui developped from Asterisk and Freeswitch instead of command lines.




FusionPBX vs. FreePBX

FreePBX is developped from Asterisk on CentOS Linux, also support other Linux. FreeBPX provides free Distro disk. Most modules of FreePBX are free, but commercial modules need to pay.

Some PBX projects were also developped from FreePBX, like Trixbox, Elastix and PBX in a Flash.


  • Free Distro.
  • Based on CentOS
  • Friendly Web-Gui
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Long History
  • Wide Community  Support
  • Support Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian
  • Support both x86 and ARM CPU
  • Good support for telephony hardware


  • Not all modules are free, some commercial modules need to pay.
  • Web-Gui uses much system resource. However, a powerful ARM-device like Raspberry Pi 4 might not have such problem
  • Some commercial moduels need to pay.
  • G729 need to pay



FreePBX vs. FusionPBX

FusionPBX is developped from Freeswitch. All modules of FusionPBX are free, but need more handy on computer.



  • Free installation
  • All modules are free
  • Installing procedure very easy. Just two command lines.
  • Support Debian, Raspbian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, CentOS
  • Friendly Web-Gui
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Support both x86 and ARM CPU


  • It’s not asterisk, need some time to learn and get used to its Web_Gui
  • less community support
  • Support for ARM devices not as good as x86

Other IP PBX options:


Issabel project: only support x86 architecture processors

Elastix was open-source and all-in-one solution in the past, which intergrated PBX, call center, Email server, Fax, instant-message, CRM…….. The most importance is that all are free.

This would let small business have chance to enjoy Enterpise-class PBX with much low costs, but all were gone after 3CX acquired ELastix. 

Elastix becomes one 3CX’s division and is not the one we ever loved now.

Forturnately, Issabel project follows Elastix step and keeps developped and maintained.

Its Web-Gui almost same as Elastix, so the Elastix lovers could continue to use such wonderful product.

However, you have to note two issues:

  • Issabel doesn’t support 32bit CPU
  • Issabel doesn’t support ARM CPU

Actually Issabel( including previous Elastix) is developped from Asterisk and FreePBX, but have no limit on extension and simultaneous calls. All modules are free except the one from third party.

Consequently, Issabel is an option for a newbie, also a good start to learn VOIP and Asterisk.


SiPfoundry, OpenSIPS and Kamailio

SiPfoundry, OpenSIPS and Kamailio are also good VoIP solutions for IP-PBX, and all of them support both x86 and ARM architecture CPU.

Hence, you can build IP PBX with a Raspberry pi 3/4.


How to install SIPfoundry on Raspberry Pi?


How to install OpenSIPS on Raspberry Pi?


How to install Kamaillio on Raspberry Pi 3 or 4?

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