June 8, 2023

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Wireless Analog PBX

Wireless Analog PBX

Wireless Analog PBX made by some Chinese companies for places without wired phone connection, but under coverage of GSM cellular system. The price could be below 100 dollars, which could signifcantly improve the commuinication in under developing countries.

It’s very easy to connect the local cellular system by inserting a SIM card to to connect PSTN via cellphone network.

It’s a good idea for some far places, like construction office, farms or mining sites. You can also use it at home with limit budget.

Wireless Analog PBX

Wireless Analog PBX

Features for Wireless Analog PBX

• Aluminum alloy panel, can be mounted on the cabinet
• LED status display
• Super strong lightning protection and cut-through
• Power failure memory
• Second caller ID
• Computer operator (single-segment digital recording)
• Manual/automatic duty
• Piano music reservation
• Multiple exit methods
• Modify extension number
• Ring extension setting
• Call restriction
• Three-way calling
• Remote programming
• System password
• External music source
• Perfect switchboard function
• Flexible computer operator settings
• Busy off-site transfer
• Original local color ring tones
• Self-reported extension number
• Outside line reminder
• Transfer settings to be retained
• Do not disturb
• Group call conference
• Outgoing line selection
• Day and night mode
• Outside line reservation
• Transfer from outside line to outside line
• Switchboard settings
• Day and night mode (manual)
• Artificial economic routing
• 11 chords transfer on hold music
• Voice of computer operator (1 to 4 segments)
• Extension grouping
• Blacklist
• Voice/call registration
• External music source interface
• OGM voice PC (computer) download
• Door phone/door lock
• Built-in wireless module
• 60 seconds/90 seconds voice

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