March 22, 2023

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Hotel Phone System

Hotel Phone System

Hotel Phone System should be a must for most hoteels or motels, which has been using Analog Phone System(Analog PBX) in past decades.  There were some technical and financial issues if swifting to IP-PBX:

  • 911 service
  • IP-phone expensive than analog hotel phone
  • Ethernet cable running
  • Billing System

Solution for replacement:

  • e-911 are supported 
  • VoIP gateway
  • Sharing same Ethernet cable with IPTV
  • A2billing Module for IP-PBX

Therefore, you could build a PBX for hotels or motels if you are the owner 

Analog VoIP Gateway For Hotel Phone System

IP phone is recommended because many functions can work only on IP phone, but IP phone still expensive than analog hotel phone.

Alternatively, hotels or motels can use VOIP gateway instead. In addtion, no need to run Ethernet cable.

FXS VOIP Gateway

Software for For Hotel Phone System

You should consider Issabel or FreePBX first:Issabel with very friendly Web console and almost all modules are free. In constrast,  you need to pay for some modules if adopting FreePBX

A2billing Module for IP-PBX

A2billing is not free, you can go to for details

General features of hotel telephone system

1. The hotel room number can correspond to the telephone extension number

2. With special functions required by the hotel: open room, check out, wake up and room phone management, etc.

3. It can be connected to the trunk of different operators, and the customer will automatically select the most affordable operator trunk or automatically add an IP number when making a call

4. The hotel phone system can monitor the phone in each room in real time, billing, modify the outgoing call level, wake up, and restrict incoming calls, etc.

5. Use a switchboard number to facilitate hotel advertising image promotion and customer memory

6. Incoming calls are unified through the switchboard greeting service, guided to enter the hotel’s internal telephone network, and improve the image and quality of the hotel and hotel

7. Record the “wake up time”, “number of times” and “whether to wake up” for each call on the computer software, which can be queried, saved and printed

8. According to the main object of the hotel service, use the corresponding transfer music or song (must be an external audio source)

9. These hotel phone functions are not only used for hotels and motels, but also for renting offices, hospitals, nursing homes, guest rooms, schools and other places that need to control and inform guests of their phone calls.