June 8, 2023

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Analog-PBX vs. VoIP-PBX

VOIP PAX vs Analog PBX

Analog-PBX vs. VoIP-PBX

Analog-PBX vs VoIP-PBX. VoIP PBX has significant advantages comparing to traditional Analog PBX.


VoIP PBX withmuch better on cost-efficiency. You can use an old x86 PC to build a Enterprise-Class PBX.


VoIP PBX has rich functions with very low costs, so small business or individual home could own a Enterprise-Class PBX, which just big companies had it in the past.

Extension Capacity:

For analog PBX, Extension quantity relayed on the the quantity of hardware extension expanding card. You had to purchase a lot of such card to expand extension quantity.

By comparison, VoIP could have unlimited extension theoretically.

Remote extension:

Only works on VoIP PBX

ArchitectureCentralizedFully distributed
WiringStar topology; each desk requires a wiring from the cabinetRiver topology; IP extensions can be deployed at any node over TCP/IP networks
CapacityCapacity is limited by the hardware frameworkScalable capacity, depend on bandwidth and processor capability
ScalabilityComplexity of system scalability depends on system sizeScalability can be done by using the same architecture
Networks ConvergenceVoice and data require two separate networksVoice and data are converged in one network
Internet ConnectivityConnect to Internet via VoIP gatewayInternet ready
MACsMove, add, change extensions require physical connection adjustmentsSimplified MACs; move, add, and change extensions can be as easy as plug-and-play
Extended ApplicationTraditional voice & call processing featuresAll add-on voice & call processing features implemented by software
Voice ApplicationApplications require designated interfaces and equipmentSoftware-based applications; easy to be implemented
Server RedundancyN/A. Another complete PBX system can be configured as a backup systemSupport server level redundancy
Configuration is done via phone set with command codes in commonProvide GUI or even web-based interface configuration 
Off-premises ExtensionsDo not support remote extensionsRemote workers and office are linked altogether by VPN/WAN
Multi-locationCross-system linkage requires dedicated ISDNSystems are connected by cost efficient Internet resources
CTI integrationComplex integration between PCs and telephonesPCs and phones are already integrated in one voice/data network
Average Cost Per SeatLow to high, positively correlated with functionality and capacityLow tomedium, independent of capacity

Analog-PBX vs VoIP-PBX



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